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Ramblings from the Batcave...

13th June 2008

Posted by: Inkblot

Hey hey chibi fans!

Am feelin' a wee bit chipper today coz my first (LONG OVERDUE) paycheck came in yesterday. Wooohooo! Goodbye poor, struggling undergraduate life, hello stable steady income! However at the same time, I remind myself to never forget the dark, dark times (and boy, were they ever dark...) where I was seriously stuck at the bottom of the proverbial wheel of life.

Anyhoo, enough of personal ramblings, let's get to the comics stuff! Introducing, the first appearance of Chibi Lex Luthor! Ooooh... can you feel the evil emanating from his cute, round, sharply dressed being? Luthor's gonna be featured rather prominently the first part of this chapter so prepare to cower in the Luthor-ness!

About that Indiana Jones movie review I mentioned in the last entry, suffice to say I give it :

Four packets o' popcorn!

And as usual, a good movie warrants a chibi!

Have a nice weekend, people!


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