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Ramblings from the Batcave...

12th February 2008

Posted by: Inkblot

Greetings, nice people who read my webcomic! :D

My apologies for the slight delay in updating this week. I've been swamped with school work this past week so the chibi-ing kinda got put off for a bit. But no worries, I still managed to get a spanking new comic up so yayness all around, ya? :P

This week's winners for the weekly contest are.....

isolde, who requested Dhalsim!


qayyum, who requested Crash Bandicoot!


As per usual, you can view your prizes at the Gallery section.

I've made Dhalsim into an animated card, something that I will do once in a while, just to mix things up a bit. I like how the floating thing turned out, if I do say so myself.

Crash Bandicoot was quite challenging for me as I am not familiar with the character. My online research yielded a phletora of different looks for the character (it seems to vary with every passing sequel of its game). Oh well, I hope I managed to at least capture the essence of the character.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. I reworked two of the previous cards (the Green Lantern and the Red Hood one) coz I thought they could use improvement. I tweaked GL's costume and gave him his emerald power battery. For the Red Hood, I gave him his keris.

Alrighty, hope y'all have a great week ahead!

See you next week! :D


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