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Ramblings from the Batcave...

6th January 2008

Posted by: Inkblot

Salutations Chibi-fans!

Isn't that Bizzaro so darn cute? I've decided to make him not do that backwards speaking thing that he's supposed to do (this is me explaining in an attempt to pre-empt potential flak from purist fanboys... :P). Personally, I found that way of talking rather confusing (and lots of times it detracted from my understanding and enjoyment of the story coz I didn't understand what he was saying... -_-').

Thus, my version of Bizzaro has the personality and mentality of a small child. I'm rather partial to this interpretation as I've always seen Bizzaro as a victim of circumstance rather than an outright supervillain; and as you will see as the story progresses, this interpretation will be a key point in both the development of the plot and the character.

Anyhoo, the (most possibly) final semester of my academic life will begin tomorrow! Woohoo! Can't wait to graduate, I tells ya.

See you guys next week!


[updated on 7th January 2008]

I had to do this unprecedented update just to pimp bro Naguib's ambigram blog (go see the comments section for the reason). For those of you familiar with Dan Brown's Angels & Demons (which is where I first learnt about ambigrams) you know that an ambigram is a nifty way of designing the typography of a word so that it is readable both right side up and upside down. I'll show you an example.

The following animation shows an ambigram I did of my name :

Freaky huh?

Well you should really check out bro Naguib's ambigram blog at nagfa.blogspot.com to see some designs that will totally BLOW your mind. Oh, did I mention that John Langdon knows him and holds him in high esteem?

Yes kiddies, THAT John Langdon.

So watcha waiting for? Scoot over to his site now!


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