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Ramblings from the Batcave...

5th May 2008

Posted by: Inkblot


The following is a screencap from the latest The Dark Knight trailer.

OMG.... Is that...??!!

Watch the trailer here.

4th May 2008

Posted by: Inkblot


This week, we have my take on the cover of Action Comics #1! You can click on the above image to see a side by side comparison of my take on the cover with the original.

This week's cover features a cameo by me (just because I can... :D) and a super special guest appearace by the oft appearing in the comments section, bubu! That's her lime green volkswagen that chibi Supes has over his head! :P Does anyone else ever wonder why Superman looks like a villain on the cover of his origin comic? He looks like he's on a rampage! -_-'

Anyhoo, have you guys watched Iron Man yet? It's good! I loved the armour and the effects were superbly top notch! Robert Downey Jr. played Tony Stark brilliantly and I loved how they inserted lil geektastic moments in the film (like the formation of S.H.I.E.L.D.) which made me grin in the darkness of the theatre. :D For those of you who have yet to watch it, stay till the end of the credits for an awesome teaser scene!

I give the movie :

Four packets o' popcorn!

I leave you with these, inspired from the movie.

See y'all in 7! :D


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