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Ramblings from the Batcave...

20th April 2008

Posted by: Inkblot

Hälsningar vänner!

(It's supposed to be "Greetings, friends!" in Swedish. I really hope I got that right...)

Why the attempt at a Swedish greeting? Well the nice people at sfbokhandelnmalmo were kind enough to link me up and say nice things about my comics so it was the least I could do (plus the fact that the bulk of my visitors for the past week came from that link).

Here's what they had to say :

The Chibi Adventures of Batman/Superman: One successful cross-over between manga and graphic novels with all spring helyllehjälte Batman.

Why, thank you kindly! However I'm still puzzled about what helyllehjälte means though (coz the online translator couldn't translate it). Any nice Swedish people care to enlighten me? :D

Anyhoo, in other news : Yes chibi fans, this is indeed the final page of chapter one!

*cue suspenseful music*

I would like to announce that I will be taking a month off from the comic to plot out chapter two. However, fret not! This site will still be updated over the next month. As to what will be posted up, stay tuned to find out!

Seeya guys again next week!

P.S. Thanks for reading!


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